He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy,
carrying sheaves with him. Psalm 126:6

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Parting is Sorrow; There is Little Sweet About It

On October 17, Scott travelled to Bulgaria to meet our newest girls.  What a delight they both are! 
Here is G during their first meeting.

                               And this is S.  I think she and her daddy look alike!

G. is a very independent young lady.  She uses a wheelchair but can walk with assistance.  She is a small group home that is very nice.  She has tutors work with her in the mornings and she is smart.  She loved the photobook of our family that Scott brought. 

S. is just the cutest thing!  She loved the ponies her nana sent.  She was shy at first, but she knew exactly why Scott was there and called him "daddy" from the beginning.  Scott says she really wants a family of her own. 

Leaving the girls this time was different from leaving Anna two years ago.  Anna didn't understand who Scott was or why he was there (Although I can assure you, she understands now.  Her daddy is her primary caregiver and she was a pouty girl they whole time he was gone :) 
Scott is very worried about how the girls are taking his being there and then being gone.  It must be so hard to understand why they have to wait again.  S especially seemed confused. 
We would appreciate prayers for their hearts, that God would place a peace there while they wait for us to come back.
We are working hard on getting our last remaining documents completed so that we can get a court date in Bulgaria.  I would also ask that you pray that God would allow us to return for them quickly!
If you feel so led, we would also appreciate any tax-deductible donations you would like to make to help us finish up our adoption.  No amount is too small.  It all adds up!  There is a donation link on the right or you can click here.  As you prepare to do Christmas shopping, you can also help us by entering amazon.com through our blog.  It costs you nothing but we get a commission on the sale.  The link is on the left!  Thanks!

Friday, September 12, 2014

We Got our Verbal Referral!

I promised in my last blog post (from June) to be a better blogger, but you can see that I lied.  But honestly, I haven't had a great deal to post until today.  We received our verbal referral for our two girls in Bulgaria!  That means that all we need is one more signature and our agency can issue us travel dates.  Scott will be going on the first trip to meet our two newest daughters.  Just a reminder, here they are: 

Stunning "S"

Gorgeous "G"
S turns 5 this month; G turns 9.  That means that next fall, we will celebrate 8 birthdays between August 19 and October 14.  That's a lot of cake!
Now that we are getting closer, it is time to fundraise a bit for the adoption.  S had an adoption grant already so that will help with first trip costs.  After that, we need to get to work.  So here are a couple of ways you can help!
We have an FSP with Reeces Rainbow.  This allows folks to donate towards our adoption and receive a tax deduction, just like you are donating to any other charity.  Here is the link:
Also, I have recently signed up to be a distributor with Young Living oils.  Ya'll, I am over the moon for essential oils!  I am going to have to do an entire blog post about all the healing we are experiencing since we started using them.  If you have been thinking about starting with the oils and need some help AND would like to help fund our adoption at the same time, now is your chance!  Just email me at eightisnotenough2012@gmail.com.
We also still have an Amazon link.  It is on the top left of the blog.  If you click through and then shop on Amazon, it doesn't cost you anything but we get a commission!  So easy!
I am hoping to do an auction like a did last year.  I will be needing donations.  More on that to come. 
Thank you all for being so supportive of our family over the past two years. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lucky 13

I have given myself a blogger award - the award for worst blogger of the year since I haven't actually blogged since last December!  I'm so sorry to have been so inconsistent and promise to try and do better.

First an update on Anna.  She has flourished since her surgery in November.  She continues to grow and now weighs about twice what she did when she arrived in the US last April.  She actually looks like five year old now.  She graduated from kindergarten a couple of weeks ago and received an award for "most cheerful!"  It is so true.  She is just the happiest little thing all the time. 

So now on to our news.  We are adopting again!  Two beautiful girls from the same country as Anna.  One first new daughter is four.  We will call her "S" until we can announce her name (after court).  Our second daughter is eight.  She will be "G" for now. 
Here is the beautiful "S".
And the stunning "G."

We are beyond excited that our family of 11 will soon be a family of 13.  What the world calls unlucky God deems blessed!
We have completed our paperwork except for our government approval and expect that any day.  Then one of us will travel on our first trip to meet the girls.  We can't wait!
I promise to do a better job of keeping everyone up to date on our progress.  We would sure appreciate your prayers as we wait to get our girls.