He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy,
carrying sheaves with him. Psalm 126:6

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Waiting Child Wednesday 9-26-12

Today is my 14th anniversary!  I am so blessed to be married to Scott.  He is a wonderful husband and father (soon to be of 10).  There are not many men like him.

I have four very special children for you today.

The first you may have seen posted on my facebook page.  He was featured on the popular blog www.nogreaterjoymom.com yesterday.  His story absolutely broke my heart, so please share it in the hopes that his family will find him.

His name is Zack and he is 11 years old.  His best friend Maria was adopted and on the very same day, he was transferred from his orphanage (the only home he had ever known) to a mental institution.  There is nothing wrong with his mind.  He has some needs, but this life sentence is a travesty. 

The second child today is Katie.

Isn't she adorable?  She is only seven years old and needs a mama so badly.  She can be adopted by both marrieds and single moms and has a possible $10,000 grant towards her adoption. 

Third is Harriett.

Sweet angel!  She is facing transfer to an adult mental institution.  

Last is Arianna.

Oh my goodness!  How I would love to scoop this little muffin up!  Surely there is someone out there who needs some cuteness in their life?

Monday, September 17, 2012

For Olivia

I like to think that I have a strong faith in God.  I believe that He is loving and good.  But sometimes things happen that make me stop and question.  For instance, the way special needs orphans are treated in many countries.  They suffer and die alone from neglect and preventable diseases.  And I question why.  I wonder how God can stand to watch the pain and waste. 

But sometimes an event occurs which is so patently evil, where death is so real and all-consuming, that I lose my breath and just crumple over in a heap for a while.  I know that the evil that exists in the world is our fault, not God's.  I know that we brought sin into the world and it's our choices that make room for all the suffering and pain.  And it's times like this that make me pray even harder for Jesus to return.  And it's times like this that test my faith the hardest, because no matter how much my head knows that it's our fault, I have a hard time understanding how God can allow such an act of evil to occur and I know that I won't get an answer this side of heaven.

Today, I want to introduce you to Olivia.  She was not like the other children I feature on this blog.  She was born into a family who absolutely adored her.  She was perfect and whole.  She was sweet, and serious and had enormous blue eyes.  And on this day last year, when she was just over a year old, her family went to the park to watch her older sibling play in a game.  Her mother realized that she had forgotten Olivia's sippy cup and so she wheeled Olivia in her stroller back to the car to get it.  Such a simple act.  One of those things we do everyday without thinking.  Except that this wasn't everyday, it was Olivia's last day.

You see, just as Olivia's mom pushed the stroller into the crosswalk, a woman in a big SUV decided to back up on the wrong side of the drive to get a parking spot she had passed.  And she struck Olivia and her mom.  As Olivia's mom was running to the stroller, the woman drove forward over Olivia's head and then backed up over her again.  Of course by this time, Olivia was virtually gone.  And her mom had to watch every second of it and I imagine still watches every second of in her head everyday. 

You may be wondering why I decided to ruin your day by sharing this, but I really do have several reasons.  One, the Bible tells us to share each other's grief, so today I am asking you to lift Olivia's family in prayer as I can't imagine what they must be feeling on this one year anniversary of her death.  Two, how many of us really pay attention when we're driving?  We talk on our phones (or worse, text).  We eat.  We put on makeup or fiddle with the radio.  We speed because we are the most important person on the road.  Olivia did not have to die.  If the driver of the SUV had taken the time to circle back around, she would be here.  But apparently that few seconds was worth the risk, everyone else be damned.  So I'm asking you to watch for others when you drive!  Slow down!  It only takes a second to change a life forever.

Olivia's death stretches my faith, I must admit.  But in the end I continue to cling to God because He is the only good I can find in this world and I do believe that one day He will set all things right. 

Hold your children a little tighter today.  Tell them that you love them.  Thank God when they return to you tonight.  And please keep Olivia's family in your prayers.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Waiting Child Wednesday, 9-12-12

Today is a blog blitz for three very special kids!  That means a bunch of us will be sharing them in the hopes of finding families.  All orphans need a mom and dad, but there are some who are more desperate than others.  Donovan, Sonny and Marla all have special needs that make them more fragile.  Well, you will see for yourself:

First up, meet Sonny.

See, I told you.  This is what I mean by "more desperate."  These are before and after pictures of Sonny.  The one where he is sporting his cute red hair was taken when he lived in his babyhouse.  He has been transferred to an adult mental institution (yes, you read that right).  You can see that he is now being abused, neglected and underfed.  But a family could change all that!  They could fatten him up, heal his wounds, and let his beautiful hair grow out again!  How wonderful it would be to see a smile on that face.

Next up is Marla.  I have posted about Marla before.

You can see from the newer picture on the right that Marla is getting worse.  She is losing weight as she gets older.  She lies in bed all day.  No one gets her out and plays with her, or gives her therapy, or takes her outside to see the sun.  Eventually her joints will harden and she will no longer be able to move at all.  She will be transferred to an adult mental institution where she will be bedridden for the rest of her life.  A family could rescue her from that!  Therapy and love would make all the difference in the world to Marla!

Lastly, we have Donovan

Sweet boy, he looks like a toddler.  He is actually eight years old!  He is in a mental institution, just like Sonny.  You can see that he is being starved and neglected.  He would thrive in a family!   He is described as cheerful and sociable.  If he can be cheerful under these conditions, imagine the joy he would bring to his family!

I know that it is scary to think of how your life might change if you welcomed one of these children into it.  Instead of that, focus on how their's WILL change!  No love to loved completely.  Lack of food to full every night.  Never breathing in fresh air to playing outside with mommy and daddy.  No hope to a bright future.  What is the legacy you want to leave?

Here are the others who are blogging for these babies today:

Debbie: http://the-scenic-route-momto6kids.blogspot.com
Heather: http://mt2ia.blogspot.com/
Grace: http://sister-love-blog.blogspot.com/
Sandra: https://www.facebook.com/marlamatters2us
Monica: http://www.xmaswarrior.blogspot.com

One more quick thing.  Remember Heath, who I posted about here?  He has a matching grant of $5,000!  A wonderful lady is hosting a giveaway to help raise the money.  View the details at http://covenantbuilders.blogspot.com/2012/09/god-at-work.html.

Friday, September 7, 2012

More Waiting Children

A few days ago I posted about the children waiting for homes from an orphanage in Eastern Europe whose needs do not seem quite as severe as others.  Today I am going to advocate for the children who are bedridden or whose needs are more complex.  These children are just as deserving of homes!  They need moms and dads who are willing to say that the lives of these children are worth setting aside earthly pleasures.  Build up your treasure in heaven!  These precious ones are the least of these of whom Jesus spoke (but in all honesty, so are you and I.  Didn't we need to be adopted by our heavenly Father?)

If you are interested in any of the children below, please contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


What a little lovie!  Brandi is left in her crib all day.   She needs a mama and daddy who would treasure her.  What a joy to watch her reach milestone after milestone. 

Garnet truly is a jewel!  Look at her beautiful smile despite the fact that she has been neglected and abused for all of her 10 years.  Garnet is very smart!  More pictures and a video are available.


I must admit that Harvey breaks my heart.  He looks so sad and alone in his crib.  He needs a mama to rock him and sing to him and love him.  Look past his exterior!  There is a little boy in there!  One who deserves to be told he is a precious child of God! 


The next time you start to complain that life isn't fair to you, please think of little Thad and say a prayer.  Thad was taken away from his birthparents because he was abused so badly his brain was damaged.  As if that wasn't enough hurt for one lifetime, he was then placed into a very bad orphanage where he was neglected and left to rot.  Imagine ransoming this little boy from all life has dealt him!  What a lasting legacy to leave behind - rescuing this child and giving him the first taste of love he has ever known.


Handsome Kramer is eight year old.  He could make such strides with a family's love and support!  He just needs someone to take him out of his crib and provide the therapy he so desperately needs!


Precious Presley!  She has been neglected for three years.  A family will make all the difference for Presley, but they will need a lot of patience and faith. 
And as always, don't forget about Penny and Payton!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Waiting Children

A county in Eastern Europe sends the files of children available for adoption to agencies for a period of two months.  If a family hasn't stepped forward during that time, the file is returned.  It is possible that the file will be sent to another agency at some point, but I think it is fair to say that the child's chances of finding a family are lessened at that point.  That is why I have screamed so loudly for Payton and Penny as their files were returned earlier in August.  Their files can still be requested, so if you are interested in them, please contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.

I know that not everyone is prepared to adopt a child with severe special needs.  It could be that your medical insurance isn't the best, or maybe both parents must work, or it's just really scary to think of caring for a bedridden child.  It scares me sometimes too!  There are plenty of children available from this orphanage who are not bedridden. 


What a handsome guy!  Despite spending his ten years in darkness, his smile still radiates light!  He is described as a happy little boy.  He would absolutely thrive in a family!  Could God be prompting you?  Contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com


Look at this cutie patootie!  He's been in the bad place and he still looks healthy and cared for.  He must be an orphanage favorite.  I just picture him as the baby of family, being spoiled to death by his older brothers and sisters.   If you can't resist those cheeks, contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


This little angel just turned six.  He loves adult attention and playing outside.  Are you an outdoor kind of family?  I think Carson would love to be yours!  Contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


What an awesome nine year old!  What a change a family could bring!  Be that change by contacting Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.

Brody and Braddock

Have you secretly always wanted twins?  Who hasn't?  These little four year olds would bring such delight to any family!  Can't you just see all the trouble they want to get into?  Interested?  Contact Nina Thompson at nina.t@chiadopt.org.