He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy,
carrying sheaves with him. Psalm 126:6

Friday, July 27, 2012

There's Always a Chair at the Table

The other day I posted a picture on Facebook of my family having lunch out and someone commented that we needed a bigger table.  LOL!  My response was that there was always room for one more at the Rosencrants table.  And I meant it.  So we are not just bringing home our sweet Nora now, we are also bringing home a four year girl we will name Anna!  We are so excited.

I have posted about Anna on this blog before, trying to find her family, here and here.  God must have been laughing, knowing that I was blogging about my own daughter!  She is a beauty and sweet as sugar, but she has a lot to overcome.  First of all, She has not received the care she needs.  Like Nora, she is about the size of a one year old.  Owen will be huge compared to his older sisters.  Much worse that that, though, she has hydrocephalus.  This means that there is a build-up of fluid in her head.  In the US it is treated early and kids usually have few effects.  But Anna's orphanage didn't seek treatment for her and now her head is so big she cannot lift it.  She has a constant headache.  And she will die if she does not have surgery.  She has been evaluated in her birth country but the doctors are afraid surgery there will kill her.  So her only chance is to come here.  We working as hard as we can to get her home, but so little of the adoption process is in our hands.  Thankfully it is all in God's!  Here is a link to see a picture of my two beautiful angels:


Now that Anna has a home, there are three children in her orphanage still available for adoption.  They are:




Please share/pray/donate/adopt!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

For Emmitt

A while back I mentioned Emmitt in one of my Waiting Children Wednesday posts.  Today he gets a post all to himself!  Here he is:

Isn't he so handsome!  He is 14 and lives in an adult mental institution.  This is ridiculous because families that have met him say that he is super smart!  His only crime - he can't walk.  Instead of anyone taking the time to work with him or even push him in a wheelchair, he has been left in a crib.  He's 14!  Many of you reading this have children.  Can you imagine your child in a crib at that age?!  It is gut wrenching.

According to the families that have met him, he is sweet and kind despite the way he has been treated.  He would make someone such a wonderful son.  Please consider rescuing Emmitt.  He deserves better than this.

Click here for another blog about Emmitt:


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Waiting Child Wednesday 7-25-12

I've got three angels for you today! 

First up is my own Giselle.  She so desperately needs a home and it is my job as her Guardian Angel to find her one.  Isn't she so beautiful?

Next up is Lina.  Look at that sweet face.  She so needs a mommy to rock her to sleep at night.

Last is Kanani.  She will be transferred to an adult mental institution soon and will be left in her crib.  It breaks my heart.  Please someone rescue her.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Light Shining in the Darkness

The place where Nora Lynn lives has been dark for a very long time.  It is the type of place that we Americans don't like to acknowledge exists. 
But God never forgot!  He has thrown open the door and his light is shining into the darkness.  Children are being found.  Those that remain are being fed more and hopefully loved more.  They are starting to allow the special needs kids to mix with the "normal" ones instead of hiding them away in their cribs on a locked floor.  These are such blessings and answers to prayers.

But still there are many children in this place that are in dire need of rescue.   Please, if God is tugging on your heart, listen!  Yes, it will change your life.  Maybe you like your life and you don't want it to change.  Maybe the idea of adopting a child with unknown needs is scary.  I think it's scary too!  Sometimes I'm scared to death.  But God has said "Go" and go I will.  He will neither leave me nor forsake me but will give me the strength to finish this race.  Yes, my life will be different.  So will Scott's and our children's.  But what is that little bit of sacrifice in the face of a child dying?!  Can I not give up some free time or money or whatever it takes to save a child's life?

Here are other children waiting in the dark place.  They are in desperate need.  Please consider them.


This precious child of God is eight years old!  He is so malnourished.


Shiny Penny is twelve!  What a joy she will be to her family.


Precious Adam is smaller than most 6 month olds, but is actually five.  How desperately he needs a family.  He is never taken out of his crib, never told how precious he is, how much he is loved.

Life is so short.  The shootings in Aurora show us that no days are promised to us.  Today as I was driving home, a tree fell across the road in front of me.  A couple of seconds later, and it would have fallen on my van and I would have been gone.  I guess God must have more work for me to do since I am still here.  What work does he have for you?  Could it be one of these children?  Please, please pray.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Waiting Child Wednesday 7-11-12

Boy, do I have two cutie patooties for you today! 

First up is Sasha.  Isn't he a doll!  He has been transferred to the lost boys institution that I blogged about yesterday.  This is unacceptable!  Please pray, advocate, donate, adopt!  He must not be left there to rot.

Next up is Beatrice.  She was just posted today, but she is so cute that I must share!  She is missing her eyes and nose, but isn't she just the cutest thing?  For some reason, she is in restraints.  How could anyone restrain a baby?  So many things are mind boggling to me.

If we weren't already adopting Nora Lynn, both of these lovies would be mine!  Please make me horribly jealous and go get them!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Praising God!

Two good things to report today:

First of all, Porter, who I blogged about here, has found a family!  He will no longer be a lost boy.  This is fabulous news.  Please remember that two other boys are available for adoption from Porter's institution and really need to be rescued.  They are Heath and Hanson.  They need our prayers!  They need families to step up and say that they are more important than a comfortable life!

Here are two blog posts about precious Heath:

Please take a few minutes and read about the life they live here.  It is unimaginable.  But still we praise God that Porter will be rescued!

Our second praise:  our homestudy is done!   We are have also mostly completed our dossier, so all we need now in order to get a travel date to our girl's country is our USCIS approval.  Please pray for our case to be expidited!  How I long to hold Nora Lynn in my arms.

Friday, July 6, 2012

For Mali

I write with a broken heart tonight.  One of the precious children on Reece's Rainbow who had a family coming for her passed away today.  That's two beautiful girls who have died alone in the past month.  This is so unacceptable!  Oh, how God's heart grieves at our indifference.  We pursue our earthly pleasures while across the world, his children die of neglect and abuse.  Church, rise up!  The Bible is clear that taking care of orphans is our responsibility.  It is not a calling for the few!  It is for all of us. 

Tonight I am featuring two little girls who will die if a family does not come for them. 

The first is Marsha.  She has hydrocephalus.  This is so treatable!  The doctors in her country now say they cannot put in a shunt without killing her.  She needs a family from a country with better medical care to come for her ASAP!  She will die a slow and painful death in her crib alone.

The second is Catherine.  She has holoprosencephaly which is life shortening condition.  She deserves a family!  There is no place for her in her birth country.

Please pray for these special angels to find a family!  Please, Lord, don't let them end up on the "in loving memory" page of Reece's Rainbow!