He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy,
carrying sheaves with him. Psalm 126:6

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Value of Children

I am writing this three days after a gunman opened fire in the Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 20 children and 6 adults.  The news is on behind me with everyone giving their opinion about why this happened and what is wrong with our culture.  I've heard access to guns and lack of mental health care and violence in video games.  But you know what I haven't heard?

I haven't heard anyone speak the truth yet:  our society doesn't value children.

There.  I said it and now I'm crying because it hurt so much to say. 

Oh, we talk a good game.  We buy our children everything under the sun.  We take them to 15 different activities per day.  We make sure they have their Under Armour hoodie and Nike shoes and iPhone before we send them off for the day. 

But we do not value children.

Today, thousands of them will be murdered and we won't blink an eye.  It will not be reported on the news.  The President will not mourn their loss.  In fact, he will encourage it and wants the government to pay for it. 

Today thousands of preborn children will be ripped apart and sucked out and we don't care. 

Is it so hard to see that we live in a culture of death?  We tell our children that babies don't count because they are "unwanted" and "inconvenient"  and then we expect them to have respect for life?  Really?  Are we so blind?

Of course this is not just an American problem.  This is true across the world.  So many countries warehouse their unwanted children, barely meeting their basic needs and certainly not giving them anything close to the nurturing God intended. 

This past week the former director at Nora and Anna's orphanage was reinstated by the courts because what she did was not found to be "significant."  Eighteen children died under her care in the last year or so.  Teenagers were the size of infants.  Broken bones went untreated.  Children were left in cribs to rot.  But their lives were not important.

Children are not "significant."

Contrast this with God's view of children.  Jesus valued them so much that he said that we must become like them to enter the kingdom.  He rebuked his disciples when they tried to prevent the children from seeing Jesus.  Many of the healings recorded in the Gospels were of children. 

God values children!  All children! 

Meet Brandi.  God values her even if her society does not.  Even if no one here thinks she is important enough to rescue.  She is valued!

We can turn this thing around.  We can start to truly value children in this country.  Let's start with Brandi.  If God is prompting your heart, contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com and ask about adding her to your family.

She matters to God.  We can have a culture of life.  One child at a time.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Henry and Harvey

I hear a lot "Boy, those kids are sure lucky to have you," about both my current adopted children and the two we are working to bring home.  I like to think that I am a pretty good mother (some days).  But any adoptive parent knows this secret - we are the blessed ones.  We can never give our children more than they give to us. 

And here is a picture of one such little giver.

His name is Henry.  His family adopted him 14 months ago from Ukraine, where he would have lived his short little life in a crib, never knowing love or home.  So it would be easy to think that Henry was the "lucky" one.  But if you've spent any time with his mom Carla, whether in real life or online, you would know immediately that she was the one blessed.  The love she has for Henry spills over in every word she says, every photograph.  And Henry has made a difference for so many other little ones in his situation.  Because Carla has shared Henry's story every step of the way on her blog, many other families have found their children.

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that Henry passed on from surgery complications this past week.  His family and many in the adoption community are heartbroken.  But Henry will live forever, not only in the arms of Jesus, but also here on earth as child after child comes home to bless their family the way Henry blessed his.

I thought Henry was adorable.  But in his country, he was seen as a burden, unloveable.  Like Jesus himself,  "He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.  He was despised and rejected by men."  Isaiah 53: 2-3.

So many orphans are not "attractive" by our society's standards.  But Jesus says that what we do for the least of these, we do for him. 

Today I want you to meet Harvey.  Like Henry, Harvey has many needs.  Like Henry, Harvey is not loved in his home country.  He is considered a burden.  But like Henry, Harvey will be a blessing to his family.  He is a child of God who needs to be loved.  Look at him!

He is despised and rejected!  But he is not forgotten!

Who is looking to be blessed today?  Please let's continue Henry's legacy of love.  Inquire about sweet Harvey.  His file has been sent back to his home country but can be requested.  Just contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Garnets and Rubies and Diamonds, Oh My!

A few months ago sweet Garnet became available on Reece's Rainbow for adoption.  Despite how beautiful she is and the fact that people who have met her said how smart she is, a family did not step forward for her and her file was returned to her country.

She is still available for adoption though!  A family just needs to request her file.  Here she is:

She truly is a jewel.  You can just see how alert she is despite what has been done to her during her ten years.  If you aren't in a position to adopt, could you share her pretty face in hopes that her family will see her?  Anyone interested in adopting Garnet should contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.

And rubies and diamonds!  We've got those in our auction currently online on Facebook.  A beautiful necklace and ring that originally cost over $100.  Starting bid is only $25.  So far, no one has bid.

To bid on this set or any one of our 75 other items, click here.

Lastly, we found out last week that our Nora is in the hospital.  We still haven't found out why.  Please, please keep her in your prayers.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas . . .

Sorry I have not been blogging very consistently lately.  Life has been busy!  I have a hard time imagining how busy life will be once our girls come home. 

Speaking of our girls, please keep praying for Nora's heart.  She is so frail.  We just pray that God will continue to breathe life into her.

And look at this prayer request answered!  Penny has found a family!  Remember back this summer when I asked everyone to share this post?  Well all three of these lovies now have a family working hard to get to them.  At the end of the post, I will give links so that you can donate to their adoption funds if you would like. 

There are still several children available for adoption in Nora and Anna's orphanage who have not found families.  I am going to be featuring them one at a time on here.  Today we start with Owen.  Such an awesome name.  Isn't he the cutest thing?  Who wouldn't want to be his mama?  Could you please share his picture and information?  And please pray for him.

So now to the title of the post.  Are you already thinking about Christmas or Hanukkah gifts?  Already shopping?  Well why not make it fun, get great deals, and help us bring home Nora and Anna at the same time?  You can!  Just stop by our facebook auction and bid on the awesome items we have listed.  We have gift cards to iTunes and Gap, handmade scarves, blankets and jewelry, antique aprons, gift sets from Clinique, philosophy and Origins and so much more!  Here is the link:

Auction for Three Angels

If you are looking for a last minute tax deduction, you can also donate to our FSP which we can access for adoption expenses. 

Rosencrants FSP

Now as promised here are the links to help sponsor the three children's families featured in my Fairy Tale Post.

To help Payton's family.  There is a chip-in on the side of their blog.

To help Adam's family.  This donation is tax deductible.

To help Penny's family.  There is a chip-in on the side of their blog.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What Really Matters

Today is an important day in America.  It's Election Day.  What a blessing to live in a nation where I have a voice and a vote, especially as a woman.   I take this obligation seriously and I hope that my US readers over 18 will as well. 

But upon waking up this morning, God reminded me that no matter who wins today, He is still sovereign.

And I will be glad when today is over.  I am tired of the mudslinging and the lies.  And I am sick over the  billions that all those running have spent to win today.  Yes, the election is important, but there are so many other things that are more important.  Our society ignores them, doesn't want to see.  Won't spend money on.

I am going to include disturbing images in today's post.  If you do not want your world changed, if you just want to think about the election, then close this website now.

Photo: This is why I pray everyday that someone will touch and care for my son Simon....because kids in his orphanage have been locked in their cribs.

This is a picture from the orphanage my girls are in.  Things are changing there for the better, but there are still plenty of institutions around the world, where children are caged.  Yes, caged.  We get upset when we see animals treated this way.  But these are children!  Made in God's own image!  Where is the outcry?  Where are the billions of dollars being donated to the families who are trying to rescue them?

In China toddlers are tied to a potty chair ALL DAY so that the understaffed orphanages do not have to deal with them.  I have seen video of this.  The older children come by and beat them and the toddlers are defenseless.  This my friends is my Owen.  He is 16 months old and had he been born in China and unwanted, instead of running around my house all day, he would be tied up in one place, his spirit and body broken.  It hearts my heart so much that I have trouble breathing sometimes.

Even worse are dying rooms.  Here unwanted Chinese orphans are tied to their beds and left to starve.  Don't believe me?  Here is a link to the BBC film which documents it. 


This is the first part of four, so make sure you see them all.

These precious ones have been labeled "not worth it."  Not worth the time or money to feed or love or eductate.  For the boy or girl on the bottom (can you even tell at this point?), not worth getting out of bed, ever. 

The reality of physically and mentally challenged children abandoned in Eastern Europe is that turning four is a virtual death sentence.  From ages birth through four they live in a babyhouse.  Some of these are horrible, but some are decent.  The staff loves on the babies and does the best they can.  But at age four, if they have not been adopted, they are sent to an adult mental institution.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Four year olds are sent to live with mentally disabled adults.  Many do not survive.  If they do, it is to live life in a crib or sitting in a chair with nothing to do all day but bang their heads into the bars of their crib or chew on the their tongue.  Here is a before and after pic of Sonny.  He is available for adoption through Reece's Rainbow.

The little redheaded darling lived at his babyhouse until he was four.  You can see how he is being treated now that he has been tranferred.  The stories of the screaming children being pulled from the nanny's arms as they are taken from the only home they have ever known are enough to destroy you.

Friends, God has made it very clear that these precious ones ARE our responsibility. 


James 1:27         

Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.

Isaiah 1:17   
Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow's cause.

Psalm 82:3   
Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute.

Psalm 10:18   
To do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, so that man who is of the earth may strike terror no more.

I could post over FORTY more.  God is serious about this!  His heart is broken for the least of these!

There is so much we can do.  This is not one of those situations where you see suffering and think "I can't do anything about that."  We can!  Here's how:

1) Adopt!  No, not everyone is in a place that they can add a child to their family.  There are age restrictions and poverty guidelines.  But sometimes restrictions are waived for special needs children, so if God is placing this on your heart, ask! 

I know that adoption can be scary.  Believe me, I know.  But I also know that there is nothing more important in this life than rescuing a child from being alone in this world and giving them a family!

2)  Advocate!  Got a Facebook or a blog?  How about an email?  Ok, a voice?  If so, you can spread the word about these children.  Log on to www.reecesrainbow.com and choose a child to advocate for.  Share him or her with your Facebook friends.  Tell others about the need.  It doesn't cost anything!

3) Give!  Maybe you can't adopt for one reason or another.  But if God has blessed you materially, you can give!  There are so many families who are willing to adopt but just can't afford it.  Help them!  Donate to a nonprofit that is going into an orphanage and making a difference.  Here are two:
Maya's Hope (http://mayashope.org/) and the Pleven Medical Fund (http://www.eliproject.org/donations/pleven-medical-fund/).

4)  Pray!  This is the most important!  Spend time on your knees before God praying for the plight of the orphan.  Choose a specific child to pray for.  Tape his or her picture on your refrigerator.  Choose a family to pray over.  I can't tell you how attacked most families are once they step up and decide to adopt.  Sometimes their family is not supportive.  Sometimes everything seems to breakdown in their house all at once.  Sometimes obstacle after obstacle is put in their way by the child's country.  You can pray for them!

Go vote today.  But today and tomorrow and the next day, think about what really matters.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First Visit with the Girls

Scott has just returned from his first visit with Nora and Anna.  To say that it was hard would definitely be an understatement.  On Scott's first day there, after traveling for two days and getting very little sleep, he walked into the orphanage and they handed him both girls at the same time!  Keep in mind that both girls have severe special needs and have been neglected for the most part, so they are not used to being held, especially by large men who speak a different language!  Naturally they both became very upset, Nora to the point where she was having trouble breathing.  They also would not let him take any pictures of the girls.  This was disappointing, but we respected their rules.

Scott and I skyped after that first visit.  We had to remind each other that our whole lives were in God's hands.  He was asking us to do this, and He would not leave us, not for a second!  I also emailed Susanna Musser, who had adopted Katie, the first little one adopted out of this orphanage.  She was so encouraging!  I felt the power of her prayers for us (and of our other friends and family) strengthening and calming me almost immediately and so did Scott.  He fell into a peaceful sleep that night and awoke refreshed and renewed.

From the second day on, Scott was to visit with Anna in the morning and Nora in the afternoon.  What a difference the second day made!  Anna took to him right away.  Remember she has hydrocephalus and will most likely need to have a shunt placed once she is home.  However, according to the personnel in the orphanage, her head size has not increased in the last several months.  Praise God!  I have been praying for this.  She also does not appear to be in pain.  She is eating baby food now, not just drinking from a bottle.  She is also rolling over and trying to push up on her arms.  For a skinny little thing with a heavy head, this is phenomenal.  Only our God!  She fell asleep in Scott's arms during the visit.  Sweet girl.  She knew she was safe and loved.

We were much more nervous about Nora's visit.  She had been so upset the first day and she has a heart condition, which we didn't know much about.  But our mighty God showed His power once again!  Nora did not cry at all when they placed her in Scott's arms!  She even made eye contact with him!  It is hard to overstate the importance of this.  First, she has been in her crib for the vast majority of her life, with minimal human contact.  Second, we were told that she did not fix her gaze on objects and showed little interest in the world around her.  Hah!  There is life in this child!  She is definitely the needier of the two girls, though.  She is tube fed.  Her limbs are very contracted, both from her CP and from lying in bed all of the time.  She does not speak or move.  But she is so precious!

Wednesday's visit with Anna was again good, but Nora's was hard.  That morning the staff took Nora to the cardiologist again.  Her prognosis is not good; her heart condition is very serious. The doctor does not believe she will survive.  Scott and I were so covered in prayer that this news did not discourage us.  It has only strengthened our resolve to fight for our daughter and get her home as quickly as possible!  We are asking her country to expedite the adoptions so we can get her seen and treated here.  God knows the plans that He has for this child.  Plans to give her hope and a future.  Satan cannot do anything to alter those plans, not even a bit!  And God willing she will know what it is like to have a family and she will be loved.  Please pray for her!

The last two days went quickly as the girls had to get their visa pictures taken and then Scott headed back to the capital city to fly home.  By then he was so ready to come home to us.  We were both anxious to get started on the second stage of our adoption paperwork so we can get our girls home!

We need your help!  First of all, please pray for our girls.  Please pray that God will make our adoption path straight and short and that we will have them home quickly.  Please pray that we will be led to just the right doctors and other professionals.  Please pray for our protection and the protection of our family.

Second, we need to raise our adoption funds quickly.  We will be holding an online auction on Facebook to raise money.  Would you be willing to donate something for us to auction?  Giftcards, jewelry, baby and children's items, and electronics are always good choices!  We ask that the person donating be willing to pay shipping, so please think small.  If you would be willing to help, please email me at eightisnotenough2012@blogspot.com with a picture of the item and a suggested starting bid and retail price (if known).  I hope to have the auction up within a couple of weeks so we can catch people who need Christmas gifts.

Speaking of Christmas, if you are shopping on Amazon for gifts, would you please do so through my blog?  All you have to do is enter a search term in the box to the right and you will be taken to the Amazon site to shop normally.  I then get a commission on your purchase and it costs you nothing!  I do not get your name or any identifying information.

Lastly, if you're looking for a last minute tax deduction, will you consider donating to our FSP?  This money is readily available to us for adoption expenses.  The link is to the right, or click here:


I also want to give you a link to another blog which explains the wonderful changes that are going on in our girls' orphanage and how you can be a part.  God is doing such marvelous work!  I am so excited to be a part of the story He is telling!

Lastly,  I must remind you of the children still waiting in our girls orphanage.  Their files have been returned to their home country but they can be requested.  Please share them!  These little ones need homes so badly.  You can see them on my post here.  There is one new child available named Owen (one of my favorite names!).  You can link to him here.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Waiting Child Wednesday 10-17-12 and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE

Scott leaves to meet our girls soon.  Will you please cover him in prayer?  He is the first adoptive parent to visit this orphanage since August.  Friends, he is walking in to battleground between heaven and hell for the lives of over a hundred innocent children.  It will be so hard on him to leave our girls behind while we wait for the adoption to be finalized.  I cannot imagine how he will bear seeing all of the children who have no family coming (at least not yet).  Who lay day after day in a crib with no stimulation and no love.  He has a tender heart but a warrior spirit.  He will want to do something but in this case, he will only be able to pray and will have to walk away.  Please, please pray for his heart and his safety!  Please pray that our girls will respond to him.  They have never known gentleness or love.  They are not used to being touched at all. 

UPDATE:  I just found out that Scott twisted his neck wrong and is in a lot of pain.  Please pray that he will feel better before he boards his plane to Europe!

Reece's Rainbow is the organization through which we found our girls.  They have been helping us raise funds for the adoption - see our FSP to the right.  They have an amazing opportunity to win a $50,000 grant!  This will help fund the adoption of 10 children!  Imagine, 10 children who have never experienced a family suddenly being loved and cherished.  All we have to do is vote!  Please, please, will you click the link below and vote?  It takes 5 seconds and costs nothing but can make a world of difference.  You can vote once daily and the voting ends in just a couple of weeks.  Please!


Now on to the wonderful children who wait. 

First up, meet Chip.  He is 10 and needs a family so desperately.  Look at his sad little face.  I can just imagine it all lit up in a smile!

Look at beautiful Angelina!  What a wonderful daughter she will make her family.  She is only five and would benefit so much from therapy here.

Lastly, we have Andrew.  Look at that grin!  He looks like he stopped causing trouble just long enough for a picture.  Be ready for a good time if you add this little seven year old to your family!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Life or Death, People!

Today on the radio, a woman was complaining because Starbucks ran out of coffee.  My son was disappointed because his brand new iPod Touch isn't here yet.  I got impatient because I missed a green light when a fire truck came through.  On Twitter, these are called #FirstWorldProblems.  It's sort of a joke that we get upset over little things of little consequence here in our land of plenty. 

But you know, it's not really that funny.  Because the third world problems aren't funny.  Yesterday, another little girl died alone in her orphanage having never known the love of a family.  She was not even a year old yet and her adoptive family was days away from going to meet her.  Here she is:

That makes seven children listed on Reece's Rainbow that have died in the last four months.  Since there are only a few hundred children listed, but there are millions of orphans, it doesn't take stellar math skills to realized how many of God's precious children are dying alone around the world.

This week, the files of six children who live in the same terrible orphanage as my girls will be sent back to their country.  This means that no family said "that is my child."  The chances of them finding a home are now greatly diminished because their pictures and information will not be listed on any US sites. 

We will not give up the fight for them though!  We will keep their pictures on blogs and social media and in our minds while we try and sleep at night.  We will lift up prayers continuously.  So here they are.  It is not too late to save them!


What a handsome guy! Despite spending his ten years in darkness, his smile still radiates light! He is described as a happy little boy. He would absolutely thrive in a family! Could God be prompting you? Contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


What an awesome nine year old! What a change a family could bring! Be that change by contacting Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


What a little lovie! Brandi is left in her crib all day. She needs a mama and daddy who would treasure her. What a joy to watch her reach milestone after milestone. Contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


Garnet truly is a jewel! Look at her beautiful smile despite the fact that she has been neglected and abused for all of her 10 years. Garnet is very smart! More pictures and a video are available.  Contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


I must admit that Harvey breaks my heart. He looks so sad and alone in his crib. He needs a mama to rock him and sing to him and love him. Look past his exterior! There is a little boy in there! One who deserves to be told he is a precious child of God! Contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


Handsome Kramer is eight year old. He could make such strides with a family's love and support! He just needs someone to take him out of his crib and provide the therapy he so desperately needs!  Contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


Princess Penny is such a fighter! Despite the fact that she has lived in the orphanage for a long 11 years, she survived! She weighs a measly 21 pounds, but would gain weight so quickly once she were home. She smiles, she loves despite what has been done to her.  Contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com for more information.

Can you put aside your first world problems for a while today, and see theirs?  It's a matter of life and death.  It is no less than a battle between heaven and hell for the lives of these precious children.  Please share and pray!

Friday, October 5, 2012

We have travel dates!

I'm so excited to announce that we've been officially approved by our girls' government to pursue their adoption!  This means that Scott will be travelling to meet them in a couple of weeks.  It is so weird to dream about and love and work towards meeting a child for months when you only have one photograph and a little medical information.  It will be so wonderful for Scott to actually hold them and get video and pictures and measurements and to see that they are real!

We are going to have to get more serious about fundraising now.  It has been hard because we see so many families in need and we don't want to take funds away from anyone else.  But we are getting down to the wire so I guess it's now or never.

We will be holding an online auction sometime in early November.  If you would be willing to donate something for us to auction, we would really appreciate it!  It could be anything - jewelry, crafts, children's clothes, a designer bag, cloth diapers, Christmas decorations - really, the list is endless.  Just keep in mind that it will have to be shipped and we would appreciate it so much if the donor would be willing to donate shipping as well, so you don't want it to be too big.  All we would need from you is a photo and description of the item!  If you can help, please email me at eightisnotenough2012@gmail.com.

We also have two fundraisers going on.  Who needs to buy some early Christmas presents?  One is through Pampered Chef and you can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/417849104942087
The other is through Scentsy and you can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/events/258904987554988

You may have noticed when you clicked on my blog that I have an Amazon Associates button.  If you search for something through that button and buy anything on Amazon.com, I will get a commission!  Please consider going through my blog for all your Amazon purchases!

Lastly, if you're looking for a last minute tax deduction before the end of the year, you can donate to our FSP and it is entirely tax deductible!  Here is the link: http://reecesrainbow.org/39085/sponsorrosencrants

Thank you all so much for the support we have received these past few months.  Please keep Scott in your prayers as he travels. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Waiting Child Wednesday 9-26-12

Today is my 14th anniversary!  I am so blessed to be married to Scott.  He is a wonderful husband and father (soon to be of 10).  There are not many men like him.

I have four very special children for you today.

The first you may have seen posted on my facebook page.  He was featured on the popular blog www.nogreaterjoymom.com yesterday.  His story absolutely broke my heart, so please share it in the hopes that his family will find him.

His name is Zack and he is 11 years old.  His best friend Maria was adopted and on the very same day, he was transferred from his orphanage (the only home he had ever known) to a mental institution.  There is nothing wrong with his mind.  He has some needs, but this life sentence is a travesty. 

The second child today is Katie.

Isn't she adorable?  She is only seven years old and needs a mama so badly.  She can be adopted by both marrieds and single moms and has a possible $10,000 grant towards her adoption. 

Third is Harriett.

Sweet angel!  She is facing transfer to an adult mental institution.  

Last is Arianna.

Oh my goodness!  How I would love to scoop this little muffin up!  Surely there is someone out there who needs some cuteness in their life?

Monday, September 17, 2012

For Olivia

I like to think that I have a strong faith in God.  I believe that He is loving and good.  But sometimes things happen that make me stop and question.  For instance, the way special needs orphans are treated in many countries.  They suffer and die alone from neglect and preventable diseases.  And I question why.  I wonder how God can stand to watch the pain and waste. 

But sometimes an event occurs which is so patently evil, where death is so real and all-consuming, that I lose my breath and just crumple over in a heap for a while.  I know that the evil that exists in the world is our fault, not God's.  I know that we brought sin into the world and it's our choices that make room for all the suffering and pain.  And it's times like this that make me pray even harder for Jesus to return.  And it's times like this that test my faith the hardest, because no matter how much my head knows that it's our fault, I have a hard time understanding how God can allow such an act of evil to occur and I know that I won't get an answer this side of heaven.

Today, I want to introduce you to Olivia.  She was not like the other children I feature on this blog.  She was born into a family who absolutely adored her.  She was perfect and whole.  She was sweet, and serious and had enormous blue eyes.  And on this day last year, when she was just over a year old, her family went to the park to watch her older sibling play in a game.  Her mother realized that she had forgotten Olivia's sippy cup and so she wheeled Olivia in her stroller back to the car to get it.  Such a simple act.  One of those things we do everyday without thinking.  Except that this wasn't everyday, it was Olivia's last day.

You see, just as Olivia's mom pushed the stroller into the crosswalk, a woman in a big SUV decided to back up on the wrong side of the drive to get a parking spot she had passed.  And she struck Olivia and her mom.  As Olivia's mom was running to the stroller, the woman drove forward over Olivia's head and then backed up over her again.  Of course by this time, Olivia was virtually gone.  And her mom had to watch every second of it and I imagine still watches every second of in her head everyday. 

You may be wondering why I decided to ruin your day by sharing this, but I really do have several reasons.  One, the Bible tells us to share each other's grief, so today I am asking you to lift Olivia's family in prayer as I can't imagine what they must be feeling on this one year anniversary of her death.  Two, how many of us really pay attention when we're driving?  We talk on our phones (or worse, text).  We eat.  We put on makeup or fiddle with the radio.  We speed because we are the most important person on the road.  Olivia did not have to die.  If the driver of the SUV had taken the time to circle back around, she would be here.  But apparently that few seconds was worth the risk, everyone else be damned.  So I'm asking you to watch for others when you drive!  Slow down!  It only takes a second to change a life forever.

Olivia's death stretches my faith, I must admit.  But in the end I continue to cling to God because He is the only good I can find in this world and I do believe that one day He will set all things right. 

Hold your children a little tighter today.  Tell them that you love them.  Thank God when they return to you tonight.  And please keep Olivia's family in your prayers.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Waiting Child Wednesday, 9-12-12

Today is a blog blitz for three very special kids!  That means a bunch of us will be sharing them in the hopes of finding families.  All orphans need a mom and dad, but there are some who are more desperate than others.  Donovan, Sonny and Marla all have special needs that make them more fragile.  Well, you will see for yourself:

First up, meet Sonny.

See, I told you.  This is what I mean by "more desperate."  These are before and after pictures of Sonny.  The one where he is sporting his cute red hair was taken when he lived in his babyhouse.  He has been transferred to an adult mental institution (yes, you read that right).  You can see that he is now being abused, neglected and underfed.  But a family could change all that!  They could fatten him up, heal his wounds, and let his beautiful hair grow out again!  How wonderful it would be to see a smile on that face.

Next up is Marla.  I have posted about Marla before.

You can see from the newer picture on the right that Marla is getting worse.  She is losing weight as she gets older.  She lies in bed all day.  No one gets her out and plays with her, or gives her therapy, or takes her outside to see the sun.  Eventually her joints will harden and she will no longer be able to move at all.  She will be transferred to an adult mental institution where she will be bedridden for the rest of her life.  A family could rescue her from that!  Therapy and love would make all the difference in the world to Marla!

Lastly, we have Donovan

Sweet boy, he looks like a toddler.  He is actually eight years old!  He is in a mental institution, just like Sonny.  You can see that he is being starved and neglected.  He would thrive in a family!   He is described as cheerful and sociable.  If he can be cheerful under these conditions, imagine the joy he would bring to his family!

I know that it is scary to think of how your life might change if you welcomed one of these children into it.  Instead of that, focus on how their's WILL change!  No love to loved completely.  Lack of food to full every night.  Never breathing in fresh air to playing outside with mommy and daddy.  No hope to a bright future.  What is the legacy you want to leave?

Here are the others who are blogging for these babies today:

Debbie: http://the-scenic-route-momto6kids.blogspot.com
Heather: http://mt2ia.blogspot.com/
Grace: http://sister-love-blog.blogspot.com/
Sandra: https://www.facebook.com/marlamatters2us
Monica: http://www.xmaswarrior.blogspot.com

One more quick thing.  Remember Heath, who I posted about here?  He has a matching grant of $5,000!  A wonderful lady is hosting a giveaway to help raise the money.  View the details at http://covenantbuilders.blogspot.com/2012/09/god-at-work.html.

Friday, September 7, 2012

More Waiting Children

A few days ago I posted about the children waiting for homes from an orphanage in Eastern Europe whose needs do not seem quite as severe as others.  Today I am going to advocate for the children who are bedridden or whose needs are more complex.  These children are just as deserving of homes!  They need moms and dads who are willing to say that the lives of these children are worth setting aside earthly pleasures.  Build up your treasure in heaven!  These precious ones are the least of these of whom Jesus spoke (but in all honesty, so are you and I.  Didn't we need to be adopted by our heavenly Father?)

If you are interested in any of the children below, please contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


What a little lovie!  Brandi is left in her crib all day.   She needs a mama and daddy who would treasure her.  What a joy to watch her reach milestone after milestone. 

Garnet truly is a jewel!  Look at her beautiful smile despite the fact that she has been neglected and abused for all of her 10 years.  Garnet is very smart!  More pictures and a video are available.


I must admit that Harvey breaks my heart.  He looks so sad and alone in his crib.  He needs a mama to rock him and sing to him and love him.  Look past his exterior!  There is a little boy in there!  One who deserves to be told he is a precious child of God! 


The next time you start to complain that life isn't fair to you, please think of little Thad and say a prayer.  Thad was taken away from his birthparents because he was abused so badly his brain was damaged.  As if that wasn't enough hurt for one lifetime, he was then placed into a very bad orphanage where he was neglected and left to rot.  Imagine ransoming this little boy from all life has dealt him!  What a lasting legacy to leave behind - rescuing this child and giving him the first taste of love he has ever known.


Handsome Kramer is eight year old.  He could make such strides with a family's love and support!  He just needs someone to take him out of his crib and provide the therapy he so desperately needs!


Precious Presley!  She has been neglected for three years.  A family will make all the difference for Presley, but they will need a lot of patience and faith. 
And as always, don't forget about Penny and Payton!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Waiting Children

A county in Eastern Europe sends the files of children available for adoption to agencies for a period of two months.  If a family hasn't stepped forward during that time, the file is returned.  It is possible that the file will be sent to another agency at some point, but I think it is fair to say that the child's chances of finding a family are lessened at that point.  That is why I have screamed so loudly for Payton and Penny as their files were returned earlier in August.  Their files can still be requested, so if you are interested in them, please contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.

I know that not everyone is prepared to adopt a child with severe special needs.  It could be that your medical insurance isn't the best, or maybe both parents must work, or it's just really scary to think of caring for a bedridden child.  It scares me sometimes too!  There are plenty of children available from this orphanage who are not bedridden. 


What a handsome guy!  Despite spending his ten years in darkness, his smile still radiates light!  He is described as a happy little boy.  He would absolutely thrive in a family!  Could God be prompting you?  Contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com


Look at this cutie patootie!  He's been in the bad place and he still looks healthy and cared for.  He must be an orphanage favorite.  I just picture him as the baby of family, being spoiled to death by his older brothers and sisters.   If you can't resist those cheeks, contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


This little angel just turned six.  He loves adult attention and playing outside.  Are you an outdoor kind of family?  I think Carson would love to be yours!  Contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


What an awesome nine year old!  What a change a family could bring!  Be that change by contacting Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.

Brody and Braddock

Have you secretly always wanted twins?  Who hasn't?  These little four year olds would bring such delight to any family!  Can't you just see all the trouble they want to get into?  Interested?  Contact Nina Thompson at nina.t@chiadopt.org.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Waiting Child Wednesday 8-29-12

Today my sweet Anna turns four.  God willing this is the last birthday she will spend alone and in pain.  Please keep us in your prayers as we wait for travel dates.

Also, please remember to vote for Giselle in the Angel Tree voting.  It only takes two clicks!  Here is the link:  http://reecesrainbow.org/my-own-little-starfish

Ok, on to our waiting children for today.

First up is beautiful Robyn.  She is a darling 5 year old who has already been transferred to an adult mental institution.  Look at that smile!  She will make a wonderful daughter.

Next we have Elias.  He is precious!  Don't let the pink fool you; he is all boy.  According to families that have met him, he's smart and social!  He is only four.  So much time to get therapy and thrive in a family!

Last is Stefan.  What a handsome young man!  Unlike Robyn and Elias, Stefan is out of time.  He is just about to turn 16 and will no longer be eligible for adoption.  He will spend his life in an adult mental institution.   Is God moving your heart to rescue this young man before it is too late?