He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy,
carrying sheaves with him. Psalm 126:6

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Life or Death, People!

Today on the radio, a woman was complaining because Starbucks ran out of coffee.  My son was disappointed because his brand new iPod Touch isn't here yet.  I got impatient because I missed a green light when a fire truck came through.  On Twitter, these are called #FirstWorldProblems.  It's sort of a joke that we get upset over little things of little consequence here in our land of plenty. 

But you know, it's not really that funny.  Because the third world problems aren't funny.  Yesterday, another little girl died alone in her orphanage having never known the love of a family.  She was not even a year old yet and her adoptive family was days away from going to meet her.  Here she is:

That makes seven children listed on Reece's Rainbow that have died in the last four months.  Since there are only a few hundred children listed, but there are millions of orphans, it doesn't take stellar math skills to realized how many of God's precious children are dying alone around the world.

This week, the files of six children who live in the same terrible orphanage as my girls will be sent back to their country.  This means that no family said "that is my child."  The chances of them finding a home are now greatly diminished because their pictures and information will not be listed on any US sites. 

We will not give up the fight for them though!  We will keep their pictures on blogs and social media and in our minds while we try and sleep at night.  We will lift up prayers continuously.  So here they are.  It is not too late to save them!


What a handsome guy! Despite spending his ten years in darkness, his smile still radiates light! He is described as a happy little boy. He would absolutely thrive in a family! Could God be prompting you? Contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


What an awesome nine year old! What a change a family could bring! Be that change by contacting Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


What a little lovie! Brandi is left in her crib all day. She needs a mama and daddy who would treasure her. What a joy to watch her reach milestone after milestone. Contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


Garnet truly is a jewel! Look at her beautiful smile despite the fact that she has been neglected and abused for all of her 10 years. Garnet is very smart! More pictures and a video are available.  Contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


I must admit that Harvey breaks my heart. He looks so sad and alone in his crib. He needs a mama to rock him and sing to him and love him. Look past his exterior! There is a little boy in there! One who deserves to be told he is a precious child of God! Contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


Handsome Kramer is eight year old. He could make such strides with a family's love and support! He just needs someone to take him out of his crib and provide the therapy he so desperately needs!  Contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


Princess Penny is such a fighter! Despite the fact that she has lived in the orphanage for a long 11 years, she survived! She weighs a measly 21 pounds, but would gain weight so quickly once she were home. She smiles, she loves despite what has been done to her.  Contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com for more information.

Can you put aside your first world problems for a while today, and see theirs?  It's a matter of life and death.  It is no less than a battle between heaven and hell for the lives of these precious children.  Please share and pray!

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  1. I like to remind people to reframe their negative statements. If your Ipod touch doesn't come that day, be blessed that you had money to afford one. When you miss that green light, give thanks you have a car to sit at a red light in. When you realize your work day was so busy you haven't eaten lunch yet, realize how lucky you are to not only have a job, but also food that you can eat. As you complain your house is a disaster, remember how lucky you are that you have a roof over your head. When your husband doesn't take out the trash, praise God you have such a great family. It is so easy to get caught up in these first world problems, but we must always remember those who do not have a family, food or roof over their head. We are so lucky.