He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy,
carrying sheaves with him. Psalm 126:6

Monday, September 3, 2012

Waiting Children

A county in Eastern Europe sends the files of children available for adoption to agencies for a period of two months.  If a family hasn't stepped forward during that time, the file is returned.  It is possible that the file will be sent to another agency at some point, but I think it is fair to say that the child's chances of finding a family are lessened at that point.  That is why I have screamed so loudly for Payton and Penny as their files were returned earlier in August.  Their files can still be requested, so if you are interested in them, please contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.

I know that not everyone is prepared to adopt a child with severe special needs.  It could be that your medical insurance isn't the best, or maybe both parents must work, or it's just really scary to think of caring for a bedridden child.  It scares me sometimes too!  There are plenty of children available from this orphanage who are not bedridden. 


What a handsome guy!  Despite spending his ten years in darkness, his smile still radiates light!  He is described as a happy little boy.  He would absolutely thrive in a family!  Could God be prompting you?  Contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com


Look at this cutie patootie!  He's been in the bad place and he still looks healthy and cared for.  He must be an orphanage favorite.  I just picture him as the baby of family, being spoiled to death by his older brothers and sisters.   If you can't resist those cheeks, contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


This little angel just turned six.  He loves adult attention and playing outside.  Are you an outdoor kind of family?  I think Carson would love to be yours!  Contact Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.


What an awesome nine year old!  What a change a family could bring!  Be that change by contacting Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com.

Brody and Braddock

Have you secretly always wanted twins?  Who hasn't?  These little four year olds would bring such delight to any family!  Can't you just see all the trouble they want to get into?  Interested?  Contact Nina Thompson at nina.t@chiadopt.org.


  1. I'm so very partial to the twins (having lost a set of beautiful boy twins) and I pray for every one of these little treasures.

  2. I've been following your adoption story here recently and I would really like to help you get closer to your adoption. I have a soft spot in my heart for Downs Syndrome kids and special needs kids. I am a Tupperware consultant and Tupperware has a very generous Fundraising program. I have recently hosted 2 of these Fundraisers for other families adopting and they have done well. I would love to host one for your family and help you get closer to what you need for your adoption.

    Fundraisers Receive:

    40% of the online sales totals. Tupperware will issue you one check within 2 weeks after the fundraiser closes.

    Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to see if I can answer them. If you would like to set up an adoption fundraiser, just email me and let's see how much we can raise for y'all!! I'll be happy to put you in touch with the other 2 families I've worked with and answer any questions you might have.

    Susan Godfrey