He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy,
carrying sheaves with him. Psalm 126:6

Monday, July 23, 2012

Light Shining in the Darkness

The place where Nora Lynn lives has been dark for a very long time.  It is the type of place that we Americans don't like to acknowledge exists. 
But God never forgot!  He has thrown open the door and his light is shining into the darkness.  Children are being found.  Those that remain are being fed more and hopefully loved more.  They are starting to allow the special needs kids to mix with the "normal" ones instead of hiding them away in their cribs on a locked floor.  These are such blessings and answers to prayers.

But still there are many children in this place that are in dire need of rescue.   Please, if God is tugging on your heart, listen!  Yes, it will change your life.  Maybe you like your life and you don't want it to change.  Maybe the idea of adopting a child with unknown needs is scary.  I think it's scary too!  Sometimes I'm scared to death.  But God has said "Go" and go I will.  He will neither leave me nor forsake me but will give me the strength to finish this race.  Yes, my life will be different.  So will Scott's and our children's.  But what is that little bit of sacrifice in the face of a child dying?!  Can I not give up some free time or money or whatever it takes to save a child's life?

Here are other children waiting in the dark place.  They are in desperate need.  Please consider them.


This precious child of God is eight years old!  He is so malnourished.


Shiny Penny is twelve!  What a joy she will be to her family.


Precious Adam is smaller than most 6 month olds, but is actually five.  How desperately he needs a family.  He is never taken out of his crib, never told how precious he is, how much he is loved.

Life is so short.  The shootings in Aurora show us that no days are promised to us.  Today as I was driving home, a tree fell across the road in front of me.  A couple of seconds later, and it would have fallen on my van and I would have been gone.  I guess God must have more work for me to do since I am still here.  What work does he have for you?  Could it be one of these children?  Please, please pray.

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